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Woodfoot distillery stood near a bridge of A74 that cross over the river of Clyde that runs through the town of Glasgow. The year when they closed the place and when they were closed is unknown. J.W. Hedderwick & Co. ran the place in 1844. Till 1990s there stood a Bonded Warehouse but now they are torn down and there stands a modern flat.
The other name is Hutchesontown.
ウッドフット蒸留所はグラスゴー市内を流れるClyde川に架かるA74の橋近くにあった。設立や閉鎖は不明。1844年にはJ.W.Hedderwick & Coが操業。1990年代まで保税倉庫があったが全て取り壊され近代的なフラットになっている。

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