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There's a small town called Banknock about 17 miles to the northeast from Glasgow. Bankier distillery stood near Forth & Clyde Canal in the south side of this town. In 1828 Daniel McFarlane rebuilt a corn mill and started the distillery.
The owner changed several times and closed in 1928. It was torn down in 1981.
The other name is Banknock.
グラスゴーから17マイルほど北東にBanknockという小さな町がある。バンクイーア蒸留所はこの町の南Forth & Clyde Canalの近くにあった。
1828年Daniel McFarlaneが製粉工場を改造して設立。その後いく度か経営が変わり1928年ごろ閉鎖。1981年取り壊し。

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